a fun & simple sleep trainer for your toddler

TwinClock, TwinClock, Little Star
Save your sleep while your toddler stays in bed.


TwinClock is a simple sleep trainer app for your toddler. Just wait for the sun to show up before getting out of the bed!


All you set is the wake-up time and an optional unlock code, and then leave it to TwinClock to make it fun for your little one to sleep longer. The funny stars will disappear one by one until the big bright smiley sun comes up.


With a reward program based on your child’s ability to wait for the sun before getting out of the bed, you can expect great results after a week and sleep longer in the mornings.


  • Customizable wake up time

  • Setup your own unlock code, making sure your little one can’t wake up the sun earlier

  • Funny graphics and animations made for children

  • Works on all major devices such as tablets and phones, including older ones

  • No specific permissions required to run


  • Place your device on a shelf for instance, ensuring your toddler cannot easily grab it

  • Adjust your device’s screen brightness accordingly

  • Make sure your device is in airplane mode, to avoid any notifications from calls or messages

  • Mute your device sounds & notifications

  • Great results with toddlers from 2 years old

Compatible with both Android and iOS

Use your spare devices as a Sleep Trainer

Works on tablets & phones

Great when travelling
battery usage

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FREE for its first release, and available for both Android & iOS

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